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Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat

Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat ´╗┐Enlighten Your Body All of our products are made with Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat. If you are not wanting to put something inside your mouth, in turn inside your body, why then would you put that on our skin!?  It is our quest to put Nature back into Organic Skincare products! We use what nature has provided for us!  Our products lines are for[...]

Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen  all information from the David Suzuki Foundation So why should I choose products made from Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat? Is this just a fad?To answer this question, follow these steps to make your own educated decision! Step1: Read the ingredient labels on your cosmetic products.  Step 2: Determine which of the following ingredients are found in your product(s). Step3: After identifying which ingredients are found in your product,[...]

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