Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat

Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat

´╗┐Enlighten Your Body

All of our products are made with Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat. If you are not wanting to put something inside your mouth, in turn inside your body, why then would you put that on our skin!? 

It is our quest to put Nature back into Organic Skincare products! We use what nature has provided for us! 

Our products lines are for the whole family. From day one on this earth, begin feeding the little ones in your life with pure, natural ingredients. That is what we did and will continue to do!

Above is photographed is Heirloom Baby at four months old. Although he may look at this picture now at age 3 and say "yogurt" that was indeed Ultra Nourishing BABY Butter. And yes he did eat some. I have used this as his facial cream ever since his birth and I am not concerned if some are on his lips or if he gets a little in his mouth. Nor am I concerned about the long-term effects of the harmful synthetic ingredients on his body.

Join us on the journey to Enlighten your Body! 

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