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Our Story

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Frustrated that I couldn’t find an untainted lotion or cream from any source  I determined that with my biochemistry background I should be able to formulate my own.  After weeks of research, trial and error I successfully made some rich, smooth body butter.  However, I had to keep it in the refrigerator so it wouldn’t separate or become overrun by mold within three days.

My gym friend Charlene wanted to try it and she loved it. She asked if I  would make something to help her daughter’s psoriasis.  Given that there was a preservative problem I researched formulas and natural preservation techniques for months until I finally developed the current recipes for my Ultra Nourishing Body Butter and Ultra Healing Body Butters.  The Ultra Healing actually helped keep Charlene’s daughter’s psoriasis in check.  Charlene encouraged me to sell the creams so I tiptoed into the body care business by continuing to develop toxin-free body care products to replace the various products that I used.  

In my 50s with dry skin and a genetic predisposition to severely wrinkled skin on my father’s side, I set out to develop a  facial moisturizer.  During its development, I told my health nut mother what I was doing and she started giggling.  That was not the reaction I expected until she told me that my great grandfather and great-great grandfathers were apothecaries in the 1800s.  I couldn’t believe it.  It now made sense where my interest in biochemistry originated.  My family history started falling into place.  My mother was a health nut in the 50s and early 60s before it was “cool” to be a health nut.  She was raised by a father who in the 1920s while studying Agriculture and nutritional research studies at the University of Arizona came home and told his wife, “Don’t feed our family that new fangled canned food.  It will be the death of this nation!”  Well, and so it began.  

While finishing my Masters at the University of Arizona I stumbled across what must have been the first scientific study on the nutritional value of canned food.  It was published in the 1920s.  This is surely what my grandfather must have read when he came home with that fateful prophecy of the future nutritional state of this nation.   I now find myself in the midst of now seven generations of a health-conscious legacy that began with a health-conscious great-great-grandfather, William Derby Johnson, Sr.

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