Organic Magnesium Aloe Oil


cobalt blue glass bottle with spray top

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  • Supports muscle health, calcium absorption, hormone balancing*

  • May help alleviate muscle cramping, menstrual cramping, and other body aches*

  • May decrease headache, anxiety, and stress*

  • Aids in maintaining blood pressure and blood sugar*

  • Supports relaxation and sleep

  • Organic

Description: Our Magnesium Aloe Oil provides a safe trans dermal alternative to magnesium supplementation. Our magnesium is sourced from Dead Sea Salt providing high potency magnesium in a pure organic aloe vera juice base to reduce irritation common with Magnesium Oil application.

Magnesium Aloe Oil may be used in conjunction with Lady’s Relief to sooth menstrual cramping; with Sleepytime to aid sleep; and with Muscle Balm for muscle aches.

How to Use


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100 % pure organic aloe vera juice, Dead Sea Salt