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Organic, Handmade, Chemical-free Skin and Body Care Products 

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Enlighten Your Body

with Ingredients Safe Enough to Eat

Enlighten Your Body 


for the one with dry skin

Ultra Nourishing Body Butter

for psoriasis & eczema prone skin 

 Ultra Healing Body Butter

Prepare those lips for all the Holiday Kisses with

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Organic Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

for the sniffly, sneezy ones with unwanted tickles in their throat

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Chest Balm & Stay Well when purchased together

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Give a gift of Enlightenment

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verb (used with object)

to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge about the toxic state of skin care products;  to provide an untainted choice in skin care products.

Be fully here, now that you may be enlightened to a toxin-free realm of effective skin care products.


“Here, use this flower for that.”

Prehistory until 1900s

“That flower is superstitious.  Use this high-tech cream.”

1900s to present


“That high-tech cream is full of petroleum-based toxins.  Used this effective, organic, essential oil based cream.”  

2013 to the future