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What goes inside and ON your body is the foundation of a Clean, Toxin-free Being

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Our Story: Frustrated that I couldn’t find an untainted lotion or cream from any source  I determined that with my biochemistry background I should be able to formulate my own.  After weeks of research, trial and error I successfully made some rich, smooth body butter.  However, I had to keep i

“North vs. True North”

  “North vs. True North” Icons for various ideas: Effective.Green, Vegan (not everything) could call it Vegetarian then include everything.  I saw this on on site,Cruety-free, etc Why do we used glass jars and bottles? Plastic containers leach harmful petroleum products into even nontoxic


  Since the down of human-kind we have relied on the Earth’s rich flora to alleviate the physical challenges of the human condition. WDJSr, Jr, Victorian apothecaries

Hello world!

  First of all... Happy New Year!!! And Welcome to our Blog! We are so excited to share our insights and love of a healthy Heirloom Apothecary Lifestyle! We're getting back to the basics and uncovering what really works! Let’s dig deep and take a look at what is really going on. Let’s fi


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